Explore the Tao of words

And let the computers to understand us more.

About Primewords

Welcome! We focus on the field of speech recognition with AI. Our goal is to build a high quality large scale database of labeled corpus data, and provide services in speech recognition and transcription.

Explore the Tao of words, and let the computers to understand us more. Miaodong


We are currently offering high quality labeled Chinese Mandarin speech corpus data. Please have no hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the data.

Corpus Data

NameDuration (seconds) Details
set 0360000Download
set 1360000Download
set 2360000Download
set 3360000Download
set 4360000Download
set 5360000Download
set 6360000Download
set 7360000Download
set 8360000Download
set 9360000Download
set 10360000Download
set 11360000Download
set 12360000Download
set 13360000Download
set 14360000Download
set 15360000Download
set 16360000Download


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